BRILLIANT EARTH: Their diamonds may be conflict free, but their policies are not

BRILLIANT EARTH: Their diamonds may be conflict free, but their policies are not

Like so many who struggle to hold onto their ethical idealism in a consumer-driven society, my fiancé and I believed that Brilliant Earth embodied its values and upheld their commitments to customers. But now, a month before our wedding, we’ve discovered the tarnish beneath their polished veneer.

Beth-and-EricOn their “About Us” page, Beth Gerstein, Founder and Co-CEO of Brilliant Earth,  states with conviction that, “We take extreme care in terms of attention to detail and our craftsmanship.” Eric Grossberg, also Founder and Co-CEO of Brilliant Earth, reaffirms this sentiment moments later by saying, “It’s our goal that the jewelry we provide is of the highest quality and design that you can possibly get.”

So, you can imagine our surprise and upset when, after 15 months of normal wear, my fiancé’s PLATINUM RING BREAKS IN HALF, and Brilliant Earth tells us it will cost hundreds of dollars to repair because of “excessive wear.” (My socks last longer than that. And for the record, my fiancé works in an office and is always careful to remove her ring before working out or doing anything that could damage it. The ring cracked at the solder point used when they resized her ring.)

When their customer representative Vanessa Samaniego called to give me this unfortunate news, and I made it very clear that this troubled me, she repeatedly laughed and giggled throughout our conversation. Whether this was due to some distraction on her end of the line or blatant insensitivity, I cannot say, but the call left us upset by the quality of both their craftsmanship and their service.

“At Brilliant Earth, there is no compromise between quality and conscious.”

Quality and craftsmanship you can Expect from Brilliant EarthWhen a company fails to meet expectations on two of their three primary promises to their customers, it calls into question the execution of their other, more serious commitments, namely the sourcing of their products. I have no way of knowing the details of their interactions with the artisanal miners, but if they are unwilling to honor their commitments to someone who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars for what they claim will be “future heirlooms,” it’s difficult to believe they treat poor, foreign workers (with few forms of recourse) any better.

“We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship as strongly as we stand behind our social mission.”

My fiancé and I wanted to love Brilliant Earth. We told all of our friends about them. We had hoped to buy more from them in the future. But our trust has been betrayed and we are galled by the company’s lack of commitment and professional decorum.

Sadly, desperately sadly, our honeymoon with Brilliant Earth is over before my fiancé and I even had a chance to get married. We only hope that they take better care of the hopes and ideals others have placed in their care.

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  2. Amy LaChapell

    Based on the mistake by the company you both happened to unfortunately endure, you are making such ridiculous assumptions about the entire company. You are one of the only people, very far and few between out of thousands and thousands, I have ever seen online that was not absolutely satisfied with the quality of their ring. But instead of giving any form of benefit of the doubt, that this was a rare, but very unfortunate mistake for you, you jump straight to: well, the rest of the company must be unreliable too. Your level of bias is incredible.

    1. Tim Adams

      Hi Amy,

      While I don’t know your relationship to the company or why you feel the need to defend them, maybe I can clarify a few things and point out a couple of erroneous assumptions–

      1) Your “thousands and thousands” of positive reviews from people who are absolutely satisfied doesn’t seem to align with the average feedback on Yelp, at least if you look past their algorithm and look at the nearly double “non-recommended” reviews at the bottom of their main SF page. There is an overwhelming number of one-star reviews from people who have experienced similar frustrations.

      2) Unless you work for the company, I don’t understand your personal stake in this matter. While the rhetoric of my piece is aimed at the corporation as a whole, in no way do I make any collective ad hominem attacks on the employees. I mention a few specific individuals in order to avoid such gross generalization about the people who work for a company that I feel is duplicitous and self-serving.

      3) As someone who spent a remarkable amount of money for what I believed to be a superior product, why is it my responsibility to give the company the benefit of the doubt? Should it not be the other way around?

      4) Lastly, I wrote this piece BEFORE the company proceeded to threaten me with legal action unless I removed my posts from social media (otherwise known as a SLAPP suit). Even after I complied with their requests, they refused to return the ring unless I signed a NDA, despite the fact that the individuals involved knew my wedding was only a couple of weeks away at the time.

      Therefore, if you think I am overly biased because Brilliant Earth provided a poor level of customer service, threatened me with questionable legal action, and intentionally inflicted a great deal of emotional distress on a bride-to-be and myself, all because of meretricious attempts to maintain their social media facade, then so be it. If I can help even one person avoid the same pain and frustration I endured, then the occasional attack from strangers on the internet is a small price to pay.


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