Flashback 2014

2014 was not a productive year for me creatively, which is a shame because of all the new places I visited and things I did. Unfortunately the demands of managing a new business start-up and several life-altering changes dulled the edge of my self-discipline (especially in the area of time management). And so, looking back… Continue reading

25 Lessons in Leadership

Like a dusty, dilapidated shack deep in some forgotten woods, this website has received little love in the last eighteen months. The occasional post has kept the foundations from faltering, but its walls are not bulging with the byproducts of experimental wordsmithing and literary development like I had hoped. The decline of my inkslinging coincides… Continue reading


Godzilla is one of those films you have to see in the theater, right? Glad you agree. I don’t care how many pixels engineers have crammed into your 60′′ television and lit those suckers up with thousands of miniature LED suns. When it comes to kaiju films, the monsters on screen must be at minimum… Continue reading