Operation Double Wrap

“Operation Double Wrap is ready, sir. Awaiting orders. Over.” Rudolph nodded, listening to the other end of the receiver. “Understood, sir. Over and out.” Hanging up the phone, Rudolph turned to see Santa in his cell, what was left of him anyway. A rabid man stared back at his captor with the flames of a… Continue reading

Simple Joy

As I sat in four hours of traffic on the way to San Diego today, I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which I would highly recommend to anyone who has not read it. Although relatively short, the book is crammed with philosophical allegory, largely focusing on the seemingly unending pursuit of happiness. I won’t… Continue reading

Tea Time

Evelyn recoiled from the foul stench of the shaman’s brew. She was having second thoughts. She was already thousands of miles away from home and about to venture where no car, plane or boat can reach, into the void. She took a few deep breaths to center her chi as she often practiced in yoga…. Continue reading

A Pirate’s Rage

The door swung open as thunder cracked in the distance and a flash of lightning illuminated the dripping figure in the doorway. James pulled his dog, Jack, closer as he watched the man stumble into the hovel he shared with his mother and Isaac, his stepfather and a drunk. Isaac slammed the door and sat… Continue reading


Benji was your typical mutt, born to a golden lab mother with an unknown father. His mom had a habit of going home with any dog from the kennel after a few treats, but the other women there were bitches, so she was hardly looked down upon. Unfortunately his father must have had issues with… Continue reading


This better be just another bug, Mike thought to himself as he started to worry. He looked around the digital city in which he was immersed, searching for anyone aside from the standard NPCs, who only repeated the same lines and functions over and over again. No luck. The logout rune has always worked before,… Continue reading

Always Carry a Pen

As an undergraduate I never used a planner, at least nothing beyond the back of my hand or disorganized scribbles in one of my Moleskine notebooks. In my late teens and early twenties I knew everything, and I felt that planners were unnecessary when I could remember everything I needed to do- the important stuff… Continue reading

Mon Nom

One of the purest joys in life is discovering a new way to write one’s name. Short of looking in a mirror, I cannot think of a single act more self-assertive, self-affirming, and self-reflective than marking your signature on a surface with one instrument or another, be it pen on paper or Krylon on concrete…. Continue reading

Literary Satisfaction

Records, movies, even TV anthologies – none can compete with the satisfaction of finishing a book. The only other artistic medium that I think comes close (in a cosmic sense of the word) would be video games, but even they cannot compete with the impression of honed mental acuity and accomplishment one feels at the… Continue reading