Review: The Emperor’s Soul

Genius often blurs the distinction between admiration and envy. With each new work I encounter by Brandon Sanderson, I stray increasingly towards the fuzzy dark side of that continuum, begrudgingly captivated by the masterful craft with which he weaves his Cosmere. Sanderson’s writing tickles my pineal gland while simultaneously pummeling my writerly confidence with a gauntlet… Continue reading

The Missing Fae of Fairy Tales

Anyone who grew up watching Disney films probably has a vivid memory of his or her first introduction to the Brothers Grimm. I do. For years I was confident in my knowledge of Cinderella, a poor orphaned girl persecuted by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Aschenputtel, the German name of the story recorded by the… Continue reading

GORUCK Challenge AAR

Last Friday I ran the GORUCK Challenge with a few of my friends. The four of us train together. We throw kettle bells around, roll on the ground like joint-locking honey badgers, and generally look for new and creative ways to beat the piss out of ourselves. We’re masochistic men in an age of soft… Continue reading

Worms for Breakfast

The early bird gets the can of worms, or something. Worms are good, right? I might be mixing metaphors. I’m no ornithologist, but I believe that idiom suggests waking up early puts you ahead of the curve. Grants you opportunities and some such. Unless you’re a worm, in which case you die before you’ve had… Continue reading

The Conundrum of Creative Crowdfunding

Last week Kickstarter trended through the circuits of writerly news when Stacey Jay, author of the YA series Princess of Thorns, started a campaign to fund her next book after being dropped by her publisher. Excited by the scent of fresh blood, trolls crept from beneath their dark, digital bridges and attacked the author for her honest transparency…. Continue reading

Reading Recap 2014

Last year was not a great reading year for me, quantitatively speaking. I averaged fewer books (26) in 2014 than in the last two years, but the quality of what I read was exceptionally high. And since I find the books I read based mainly on the recommendations of others, I compiled a list of… Continue reading

Flashback 2014

2014 was not a productive year for me creatively, which is a shame because of all the new places I visited and things I did. Unfortunately the demands of managing a new business start-up and several life-altering changes dulled the edge of my self-discipline (especially in the area of time management). And so, looking back… Continue reading

The Drakestone Blade

enturies had passed since the end of the bloody Faerie Wars. As retribution for siding with the Witch of the West, the Munchkin Horde was banished to the icy lands of the North. It was here that they survived in their cavernous burrows beneath the mountains, feeding on rodents, roots, and the decaying flesh of… Continue reading

25 Lessons in Leadership

Like a dusty, dilapidated shack deep in some forgotten woods, this website has received little love in the last eighteen months. The occasional post has kept the foundations from faltering, but its walls are not bulging with the byproducts of experimental wordsmithing and literary development like I had hoped. The decline of my inkslinging coincides… Continue reading

Why I Write Redux

The first half of 2014 has been a marathon of change and, amidst the stampeding chaos, I abandoned my habit of daily reading like an empty, crumpled water cup thrown in the gutter. As penance for my literary littering, I gave up television for the month of July, with the goal of rekindling my reading… Continue reading