Simple Joy

As I sat in four hours of traffic on the way to San Diego today, I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which I would highly recommend to anyone who has not read it. Although relatively short, the book is crammed with philosophical allegory, largely focusing on the seemingly unending pursuit of happiness. I won’t… Continue reading

Always Carry a Pen

As an undergraduate I never used a planner, at least nothing beyond the back of my hand or disorganized scribbles in one of my Moleskine notebooks. In my late teens and early twenties I knew everything, and I felt that planners were unnecessary when I could remember everything I needed to do- the important stuff… Continue reading

Mon Nom

One of the purest joys in life is discovering a new way to write one’s name. Short of looking in a mirror, I cannot think of a single act more self-assertive, self-affirming, and self-reflective than marking your signature on a surface with one instrument or another, be it pen on paper or Krylon on concrete…. Continue reading

Literary Satisfaction

Records, movies, even TV anthologies – none can compete with the satisfaction of finishing a book. The only other artistic medium that I think comes close (in a cosmic sense of the word) would be video games, but even they cannot compete with the impression of honed mental acuity and accomplishment one feels at the… Continue reading